Botching a shot—or goodness forbid, two whole rolls—because of avoidable circumstances just sucks. I shot two rolls of Rollei 80S Retro in 120 format at the end of March. I bought them a while ago from Freestyle Photo and figured I’d give them a try. I had finally got a suitable strap for my Yashica-Mat twin lens reflex camera, so I used that.

Every roll of 120/220 film I’ve used up to this point has some stuff about the film name at the very beginning of the paper backing, then a double-headed arrow, which you line up with the arrow in your camera. Not Rollei 80S Retro. There are various bits that say “Start 8 6×9,” etc. Then there’s a directive in all caps: START. I didn’t want to wind too far, so slightly terrified by Rollei’s (Maco’s?) tone, I tightened the spool, clicked the back shut, and locked it down. I lost the first shot and got half the second. I did this on two rolls.

Here is TMAX 100 backing paper, then the offending backing paper on the right.

Anyway, this was totally my fault, but c’mon. Why shout “start” if you don’t mean it?

I do like the film, and maybe I’ll try it again sometime, now that I’m a little smarter.