Neima_plus-x_rodinalChevy Chase, MD

Part of the reason I blog here sporadically is because I get going on a certain style of shooting and developing and feel like I don’t have a lot of new information to share. In recent times, it’s been shooting Tri-X at 1200 – 1600 and developing it in HC-110 dilution B for 16 minutes. Just the other night, though, I decided to deal with some unfortunate rolls that had not been labeled. I had not followed my own good developing habits.

plus-X_readereReading at the B65 stop

I figured I could do worse than stand development in Rodinal for them. I had four rolls—two Plus-X and two Tri-X (actually Arista Premium from Freestyle, 100 and 400 respectively)—and with 3.5ml of Rodinal for each roll, I ended up with 14ml Rodinal in 40 oz. of water (I like to mix English with metric) for a dilution of roughly 1:85.


Now that I’ve processed many rolls using stand development in Rodinal, a couple of things I always do: agitate for 30 seconds at the beginning, and agitate at the mid-point. I have not seen any gain in developing over an hour, so that means 30 sec initial agitation, and 3 gentle inversions at 30 minutes. Then at one hour, I dump, stop with water or stop bath, fix, etc. I try to keep water at room temperature throughout.

There seem to be a lot of opinions about stand development and nuances in the technique. Please share your experiences with it in the comments below. I’m always willing to try new ideas. Any thoughts on HC-110 stand development are welcome, too.