Michael. Look at that grain!

Yesterday I posted my first attempt at developing in Dektol, a paper developer from Kodak.

Here are some shots of Tri-X rate at 400 in straight, undiluted Dektol. This time I developed for 1 minute, at 75F, with 1 inversion every 15 seconds. All shots were taken with a Ricoh GR1, on a silver-painted rooftop in very bright late afternoon sun, while sharing Coopers Pale Ale, a bit of cider, and a lovely fruit juice concoction my 5-year-old son came up with. I caution you that if you’re not me, the shots probably aren’t terribly interesting. I just wanted to share that this film/developer combination does work and show you what it looks like.

As usual, click on each photo to see a larger version (then right-click to see it really big).

Michael between dishes.

Arlo and Michael and Roald Dahl.

The Fantastic Mr. Arlo.

Kristen. Spot the Hasselblad.

I found this combination surprisingly useful. I’m going to try it in some different lighting situations and see how it fares. One-minute development—ridiculously quick, don’t you think?