The above image, linked from the Kickstarter campaign, shows what 75% of the money raised will be paying for.

It seems wrong to post two Kickstarter posts in a row, but I’d be remiss if I did not talk about the resurrection of the 3M reversal film that quietly disappeared many years ago. There is a goal-met Kickstarter campaign for it, and the stretches keep getting better. I really like the approach they’re taking to creating a sustainable process for producing the film. And, let’s face it–there is not a whole lot of color reversal film being made, so I say take advantage of what’s new and help support further production of it. They have options in 35mm and 120 still, as well as Super 8mm and 16mm motion film, including some fun “I was here first” promotions in the form of display boxes and numbered films. You can even name a factory room after yourself!

While reversal film is archaic in the commercial world, it is a joy to look at on the light table and to scan. Finding a good emulsion (alas, most are gone) is like finding the right fountain pen, or a lens with a lovely signature. It’s immediate (after developing) and you go back to it. Kodachrome 64 was a favorite of mine, for its depth and rich color, as was Astia 100F, for it’s muted palette. I’m looking forward to receiving my Ferrania film. I’m even tempted to dig up my old Super 8mm camera and get back into that!