I want to love the Contax T2. Its elegant design, clean lines, and build quality promise a wonderful experience. And that it is until I develop a roll. Maybe it’s something I’m doing (or not doing), but I can only get the focus I want about 1/4 of the time. I may have to let this one go, though I said that long ago about the Yashica T4 and I’ve now owned at least 5 of those.

But when it does what I want it to…





(hint: it’s the same as the Protopan one from yesterday)

1 minute rinse in 68F water
HC-110 dilution B (1:31) (I used Legacy Pro’s L-110 which is a lot less syrupy but otherwise identical) 7 minutes
1 minute initial agitation (1 inversion/second); 3 inversions per minute afterward
1 minute stop bath
9 minutes (!) fix (fixer’s almost dead, didn’t feel like mixing more up)
1 minute rinse
1 minute Perma-Wash
1 minute final rinse
1 minute PhotoFlo 200
hang to dry 2 hours
try to get NikonScan to work
give up until tomorrow