(copyright CineStill – I don’t think they’ll mind, and if they do, they’ll let me know)

After an unsuccessful Kickstarter run, CineStill has gotten to their feet, brushed the dust off their knees, and partnered with IndieGoGo. They’ve actually done a huge amount of work toward getting this film made. Here’s an excerpt from their email to past supporters:

The main obstacles (other than funds) were the MOQs (minimum order quantity) and cost vs volume. With medium format film, we couldn’t start small and scale up, as was the approach with our previous 135 releases. It is either large scale production or not at all. Fortunately, you displayed the demand and scale of interest that is achievable. In order to produce the highest quality product, we needed to secure all the materials compatible with slitting and spooling 120, and engineer our process for that scale. This included securing special order materials, a custom built machine and a larger production space. Initially, this required over $300K in capital to produce and fulfill a crowdfunding campaign which would bring CineStill 120 to market. But hard work and dedication pays off.

We have since invested much towards this goal, negotiated lower minimum orders, created production efficiencies and more cost effective equipment design.

We now have a plan, and $120K is the minimum of additional funding needed to get our first MOQ production run off the ground, about the amount which was pledged by you. It actually has cost more than that and will cost more going forward, but that is the remaining of what we need to raise through pledges to justify a large scale production and begin sustained distribution.

There’s a lot to like in the premiums, including rolls of 120 film (natch), rolls of 135, t-shirts, and even 120 film cases designed by Japan Camera Hunter.

In the few minutes it took me to write this post, about $2500 has been pledged. Half of that is mine (I’m kidding). I think there’s a lot of enthusiasm for this film. I’ve made my order – make yours, too!