I made a recent trip into Manhattan with my son (we Brooklynites call it “going into the city”) and brought my Yashica-Mat. It had a bit of bright yellow spike tape on it that said “ORTHO 25,” so assuming that to be the case, I finished the roll in it metering for EI 25. The film had suffered, presumably from being in the camera for so long, and probably having been expired before that. Who knows? You can see spots on the film that look like black rain.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Sculpture at Martin Luther King, Jr. Educational Campus in New York City

But here on the very last photo on the roll, look at the center of the frame, near the top. A perfect circle of no “black rain.” What is that?

Detail of “the perfect circle.”


Rollei Ortho 25 shot at 25
Developed in Rodinal 1:25 for 4 minutes – 1 minute agitation followed by 3 inversions per minute
Water stop – 1 minute
Fixed in TF-5 for 4 minutes
LFN wetting agent
Hang to dry for two hours