I’ve posted some other photos from this shoot before, but this time I want to talk about this combination of film and developer.

My wife owns a yoga studio and has me take photographs for her sometimes. She is very supportive of my film “habit” and prefers the look of film to digital. Needing some shots for marketing, she asked that they look like film—black and white and grainy.

I shot with Tri-X here and pushed it to 1600, with the intention of developing in HC-110, just to try it. I found the combination browsing the Massive Dev Chart. I used the time listed despite the footnote that this was for the “old” Tri-X, not the current version.

I think it worked out pretty well, if you like that grainy look (I do). Because I was able to stop down a bit, there is some bite to the transitions between light and dark—or in other words, I like how the local contrast came out. Shallow depth of field can be a nice effect, but so can sharper focus.

Tri-X 35mm (actually Arista Premium 400 – same thing)
Minolta X-570 with MC Rokkor-PG 58mm 1:1.2
HC-110 dilution B (visit the unofficial HC-110 page to learn more)
Agitate 45 seconds initial, then a 10 second swirl each minute
Pour it out, water stop bath 1 minute, fix 4 minutes, wash 1 minute, perma wash 1 minute with agitation, wash 1 minute, wetting agent (LFN) 1 minute with agitation.