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There is no better feeling than finding a new photographer to love. I’m talking about having a physical reaction to an image. Like the first time I heard “Upside-down” by Jesus and Mary Chain or ate Di Fara’s pizza or the realization when I’m way out of town that I can look up and the Milky Way will be there and yup, there it is. It’s the universe saying “I got your back. Good stuff is still going on.” That’s the way I feel about Pari Dukovic.

I don’t recall where I first saw his work. It’s almost as if he just started creeping in to my consciousness, and every time I saw his work, both black and white and color, I would be like “who the hell is THIS?” He’s staff photographer for The New Yorker now, and he’s killing it. I know he used to work for Platon, who was a photographer for The New Yorker previously, but if you want any other biographical info, look it up yourself. All I know is his work is unmistakably his and his eye for the moment makes me weak in the knees as much as it makes me jealous. I also wish I had stockpiled a lot more Fuji Superia 1600.

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